Hope Education Trust Africa (HETA) is  one of STAD´s partner organisation based in Arua, Uganda.

It is a charitable Christian founded organization committed to serving the disadvantaged and facilitating learning as a key to meaningful living, development and hope for all people. It main founding goals were reduction of illiteracy among the Sudanese refugees and displaced children. And equipping Sudanese children with intellectual abilities and vocational skills for self-reliance in household and community development. Some of its´ activities included Organizing awareness raising and counselling activities on HIV/AIDS as well as promoting behavioural change in sexual life.

Since 2002-2007, STAD through HETA sponsored fifteen students in various technical fields in Northern Uganda. As the students were orphans that also means financial support for housing, food and living expenses. In 2005, STAD together with HETA conducted a HIV/AIDS pilot:  About  40 participants comprising of community leaders but mainly primary school teachers were drawn from all schools around Yei District in South Sudan.

Initially STAD’s explicit goal was to support the training of Sudanese orphans- youth in vocational skills through HETA. However, due to financial constraints, this first part of STAD´s project stopped. We decided to concentrate our meagre human resources to supporting the training and health centres in Northern Uganda and South Sudan respectively.

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