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St. Mark Episcopal Church

The idea to help construction  a Nursery School for children  St. Mark Episcopal Church in Alero, was a result of  STAD chairperson’s visit to the new born nation- the Rep. of South Sudan in January  2012.  The current church building of  St. Mark Episcopal Church in Alero Boma  was built in 2007 by the Samaritan’s Purse organization to meet the spiritual needs of returnees to the Boma.

The church has no proper or good facilities – houses for the church leaders, office, transport means for the pastor.  More important there is no nursery school for so many school going children sitting at home. There is a big gap between the elderly and youth who are supposed to be the future leaders of the new nation. No  jobs or employment channels and health care facilities at  Alro Boma (villages). Many people depend on agriculture and yet the rains are sometimes not on time.As a reuslt most people burn chacoal which will eventually rsult into deforestation or environmental problems.

There is a big gap between the elderly and the youth who are supposed to be the future leaders or heirs of the nation in handling responsibilities and coping with hardships. About 70- 80 % of the young people are jobless, desperate – taking a day as it comes. It’s hard to do understand why some of the young people do what they are doing - drinking as a coping mechanism, marrying, producing children etc - desperation and frustration is written all over their faces. Perhaps these are some of the prices people pay as a result of prolonged wars, refuge & displacement.

The church is trying to segt up activities especially for the sick elderly people, disabled , children but lack the necessary resources. It is on this background that STAD is trying to raise funds to help


-       Support building a house for the pastor (already started & on progress)

Construct a nursery school for the children (on pipe line)

Drilling of water bore hole

Support training of the pastors and community members in general

Organise awareness raining on women empowerment, youth, envrionmental protection among others

Support Trust for African Development, www.s-t-a-d.org, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.